Brief excerpts from Cristina’s Diary:  “A Donated Life”


Lord, I believe you only desire my happiness!

Therefore:  Here I am!

Take me, do with me as you wish.

I believe that what you choose and indicate to me

will be the way for me to come to complete joy.

I want to have faith in you,

lean on you, even if I know I will suffer,  and often doubt.

Lord, show me the way:

it does not matter if you want me to be mother or nun,

what really matters is that I do only and always

Your will.  

Make me even suffer, because it is in suffering

that I meet with you, my salvation.

Leave me even in doubt, because it is in doubting

that You illuminate me most

and You speak to me  sincerely and lovingly to assure me.

Lord, I need You!

I need to live with You, for You, and in You….Here I am!

(December 1985)


“Cristina, be still and listen:

I know your voice, do not be afraid because I will not leave you alone,

not even when you forget Me or stray from Me.

Have faith in Me!

Let yourself be led by the only person that can lead you,

I am with you always!”

(December 1985)


“What is wrong, Cristina, in loving a person?

Be serene, do not be afraid:  I am the one that asks you to love:

love him, because he deserves it;

love him, because he is dear, righteous, precious….

Do not permit that your love  for him be stained:

Love him as I love you.

But remember also with him:  God only!”

(May 1986)


Thank you, Lord, there is nothing I can do but thank You!

Thank you because you gave me the joy

to love him and together with him, the whole world.

(May 1986)


Our “giving to each other” has sense only if we first give our life

to Him, in His hands,

the only One who can make it authentic.

How I wish I could love you the same way I feel loved

by Him!

There would be no more words to express the Love I feel for you,

because it would be too great  to be contained

in the words “I love you”.

How I wish that my love for you could be UNIQUE, FAITHFUL,


(November 8, 1986)